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About Us

I began my legal training as a paralegal with a large Washington D.C. law firm where I spent 3 years, before law school, learning the ins-and-outs of high-end litigation. Upon graduation cum laude from The American University I opened my own office and began trying cases immediately. This trial experience, combined with my pre-law school training and experience, has helped me develop a unique approach to litigation: big firm attitude with the focus of a sole practitioner.

I have tried cases continually for twenty years and bring these years of trial experience to everything that I do:  by understanding what a Court would do with a dispute, I am well prepared to avoid the problem in the first place.  This is the guiding principal of my practice:  seek to avoid the avoidable problem.  And, where problems arise, find solutions that meet my clients needs, whether through negotiation or litigation.

I will advise you of your rights, your chances of winning or losing your battle and the possible costs involved to help you decide how to proceed – whether to settle or litigate. My aim is to help you obtain the best results at the lowest cost. Wherever possible, I help my clients see the benefit of settlement, either early in a case or before trial. While some lawyers may wish to drag out a case to earn a fee, it is my firm belief that resolving matters for clients as inexpensively as possible is always good practice.

In addition, I have one skill that I believe is particularly important – I know what I am not good at and, rather than handle such cases, refer such cases to other attorneys. This means that if I am not the right attorney to handle a matter, either because I don’t know enough of the subject matter or don’t have the time necessary to devote to your case or for any other reason, I will not take your case but refer you to someone who may be able to help you.