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For twenty years, I have practiced law in the State and Federal courts of Virginia.  My experience includes general litigation, intellectual property litigation, contract disputes, collection matters, domain name ownership disputes, administration of estates and trusts, creation and administration of adult guardianships and conservatorships, and representation of children as Guardian ad litem. With my varied experience and contacts, if I don’t know how to handle your matter, I can get you to someone who can help.

My litigation experience, both as a paralegal with a large firm and as a sole practitioner, has provided me with the skills to handle almost any litigation matter. Resolution of disputes, whether on behalf of plaintiff’s or defendants, is a key element of my practice.  Sometimes disputes can be resolved without resorting to litigation.  Sometimes, litigation is the only way to adequately protect your rights.

In association with Greenberg & Lieberman LLC, I provide legal services related to domain name ownership disputes as well as other intellectual property disputes.  The combination of the two offices provides a depth of knowledge regarding the law of intellectual property and trial experience that is simply unmatched anywhere.

In addition, I have experience handling a number of different contractual disputes from disputes over payment to problems with construction contracts, termite contracts and other service contracts.  My direct approach – what does the contract say and was it done – is an effective way to achieve results, whether by agreement or after trial.

When a family member passes away, the last thing you want to be thinking about is handling their affairs.  I can help ensure that the estate is properly administered so that the decedent’s wishes are carried out as quickly, and cheaply, as possible.  I have handled many such matters and have dealt with the simple to the complex, including fixing problems created by other administrators. I also have created and operated adult guardianships and conservatorships, ensuring that the entire matter is properly established and that the required periodic filings are made to the Commissioner of Accounts.   I can also serve as Trustee to ensure your wishes are carried out.

There is little that is more frustrating than not being paid for your work.  I have experience handling collection matters before the General District Court and in the Circuit Court as well as the U.S. District Court.  In addition to getting the judgment, I am also experienced in turning your judgment into cash by finding and attaching assets whether bank accounts or physical assets – even intellectual property such as patents.

  • Civil Ligation
  • Estates and Adult Guardianships
  • Business Litigation
  • Estate Planning
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Litigation
  • Domain Name Ownership Disputes
  • Federal Litigation

If you have a civil matter and are not sure what to do about it, I would be happy to discuss the matter with you either in person or over the telephone. I will not charge you for this initial consultation if you do not hire me and, if I am not the right lawyer for you, will try to get you to someone else who can help you.